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I think that Kony 2012 has the correct intentions, but given the fact that it truly neglects the views of the people in Uganda, it really doesn’t do much good to generate international ardor over an organization (invisible children) that has been questioned on a large scale by charity evaluators. I also feel as though KONY 2012 is just another excuse for privileged people to watch a documentary or change their Facebook profile picture just so that they can be involved, but not really do anything. There are people who are truly trying to solve this issue with local based solutions you can find a list of these here. No doubt Kony is a terrible person who should be brought to justice, but with a questionable charitable organization is not the way to do it. 

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I think that Yale political scientist Christ Blattman sums it up best by saying:

 “There’s also something inherently misleading, naive, maybe even dangerous, about the idea of rescuing children or saving of Africa. […] It hints uncomfortably of the White Man’s Burden. Worse, sometimes it does more than hint. The savior attitude is pervasive in advocacy, and it inevitably shapes programming. Usually misconceived programming.”


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The name of Newt Gingrich’s super pac is “Winning our Future” 

Hmmmmmmmmmm….. that sounds a little bit familiar… Could it be? State of the Union 2011! My god, Obama said it first! 


Send a Condom to Sandra Fluke (warning, only click if you want to be privy to the biggest load of ignorance you have ever seen in your life)

I can scarcely believe this is real. 

The idea that someone could be so vulgar, hurtful, disparaging, the list goes on and on, to a young woman for speaking her mind as guaranteed under the first amendment and as requested by congress is absolutely ridiculous. As if Rush Limbaugh’s comments (which I was purposely avoiding to avoid a post in all caps) weren’t enough, this awful webpage is formed. HOW DO 57 PEOPLE LIKE THIS PAGE?!

This is absolutely absurd. A woman should not be berated is such a way as to be called a slut, a hussy, and a prostitute, just because she spoke her mind on the birth control issue for the Blunt amendment, which by the way was a horrible and stupid idea. I am coming close to having no faith left in America. 


Excuse the following rant:

I don’t understand why poor people want to repeal Obamacare. Honestly, the entire concept is completely idiotic to me. Obamacare is trying to provide patient centered OPTIONAL government sponsored health care that ensure that everyone who needs health care has it. We are the only modern, industrialized country that has waited so long to develop a program of this kind. The percentage of our GDP that we spend on health care and welfare programs as compared to the other modern nations is miniscule. 

What irks me even more is that many of the people who oppose Obamacare, such as the tea party, are people that are benefiting from government sponsored welfare programs, are people that utilize medicaid or medicare, and are people that are in certain situations on food stamps. Do you really want all of those things gone? Because that is what the more fortunate members of society are trying to do. 

I was born into a relatively privileged family, but guess what, I want health care for ALL people not just the people that can afford it due to their circumstances. But hey, if you don’t want government sponsored health care (which I cannot stress enough is NOT a radical idea), then be my guest, just give me back your food stamps, welfare checks, medicare benefit checks, and the portion of your social security you derived from having it safely stored and added to by the federal government. Oh, that doesn’t sound good to you? Then maybe you shouldn’t be supporting a candidate like Rick Santorum who wants to just take that away, or one like Mitt Romney who says he wants to, but can we really believe him on anything he says anyway? 

People need to wake up and realize that this isn’t something you can just remain in the dark about. Whether you are part of the 99% or the 1% government sponsored health care programs are not going to go away, everyone deserves to have coverage no matter what, it is part of our basic american right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, well hey, I guess government sponsored health care is important to me life right? Don’t be uneducated. Know the facts. Don’t support a candidate who is trying to take away your most basic human freedoms.

And get it right: 

It is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Don’t give it some nickname to use as a buzzword in a derogatory manner. If you want to insult someone, insult Mitt Romney for his lack of a decisive position on health care, and not only that, for changing his sane views to insane ones just to pander to the crazies that are destroying the republican party.


Mitt Romney criticizing the President for playing golf while on vacation is like a multi-millionaire with two houses and four cars and who thinks “corporations are people, my friend” criticizing the President for playing golf while on vacation.

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Super Tuesday projections from the NY Times



Photo above of Mitt Romney in Youngstown, Ohio, March 5, 2012.

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This is possibly one of the greatest things to happen in a while. Women need to fight for their rights, but not only women, everyone else as well. 


An Illinois lawmaker is fighting back against the GOP’s onslaught of ultrasound mandates and other abortion restrictions by introducing an amendment that would require men to watch a “horrific video” about the side effects of Viagra before receiving a prescription for the erectile-dysfunction drug. “They need to see a visual depiction of the treatment for the most common side effect to Viagra use, which is priapism, and it’s not a pretty procedure to watch,” said Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D), who added that she is tired of politicians deciding that “women are incapable of making their own decisions.” “If we are going to do this, we need to do it in a way that is applied equally.” (ThinkProgress)

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"He’s not interested in your facts, he has his beliefs"

- James Carvel on Real Time with Bill Maher discussing Rick Santorum

ACLU denounces Tennessee principal who threatens to expel gay students, tells them they're going to hell, tells pregnant students their "lives are over," and incorporates prayer at school

This goes along with exactly what I said yesterday. It is truly digesting how many horror stories like these there are.


(trigger warning for homophobia)

The ACLU is demanding that school officials rebuke Haywood County principal Dorothy Bond for harassing gay children and threatening to expel them for showing public affection for each other. At an assembly in February, Bond said gay students are “not on God’s path,” according to parents. She also said gay people are “ruining their lives.” While Bond was at it, she threw down on pregnant girls, telling them their “life is over.”

“The ACLU said Bond also has incorporated prayers and proselytizing into school events, and school officials have scolded students who did not bow their heads in prayer and threatened them with discipline. Bond told a lesbian student that she would go to hell because of her sexual orientation, the ACLU said.”

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"How do you hear “all faiths are welcome” as “no faiths are welcome”…I’m sorry Rick Santorum that JFK’s speech made you want to throw up, but if JFK were alive today knowing you were running would make him want to s**t his pants."

- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart February 27, 2012

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